Company Bio and Mission

YOUglycemia Company Biography: YOUglycemia is incorporated in Colorado and is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit. We exist to disseminate knowledge about the biology of type 1 diabetes (T1D) and exercise physiology to people with diabetes (PWD) in order to improve their disease management and enhance their quality of life. We plan to generate training and diet plans for our clients to help them achieve specific exercise performance goals. We span the range of diabetes clinical care, basic science knowledge, exercise physiology competency, and coaching certifications to offer comprehensive training plan and trouble-shooting solutions for PWD who seek to augment their diabetes management through aerobic exercise training.

Mission Statement: We strive to empower our clients, through education, toward improved management of their diabetic condition. YOUglycemia offers expertise in diabetes care including insulin pump management, registered dietitians, and aerobic endurance coaching. Our personalized, client-driven mentoring is delivered by credentialed experts who manage their own T1D and struggle through the same challenges on a daily basis. Through our non-profit structure, our experts provide both biological explanations and real-world applications of diabetes management for our clients, to help improve our client’s quality of life.

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