Saturday Morning Research Review – June 10, 2017

Dietary strategies for management of Type 1 Diabetes – Part 1 by Rachel Fenske, BS The team at YOUglycemia has noticed a deficiency in the attention we’ve paid to how our diet affects diabetes management in our series. In that spirit, we introduce Rachel Fenske, a nutritional science PhD student who is interested in the […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – June 3, 2017

Islet Encapsulation Techniques and Hurdles                   by Josh Boyer, MS Continuing from my last post I will focus on islet encapsulation today, which is the other artificial pancreas therapy currently generating a lot of discussion.  I will briefly summarize how islets are encapsulated, hurdles facing the successful development of this technique and some strategies being […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – May 13, 2017

Genetic and cultural differences in T1D risk and management by Adam Burrack, PhD In this edition of our “science of diabetes” blog series, I will delve a little more deeply into the genetics of type 1 diabetes (T1D) HLA risk alleles. HLA is immunology short-hand for ‘human leukocyte antigen’ and is the molecule through which […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – May 6, 2017

Looking within human pancreas samples for T cells responsible for beta cell destruction                   by Adam Burrack, PhD Sally Kent, member of nPOD and HIRN, has recently published a couple of studies investigating T cells within pancreatic islets. Dr Kent’s laboratory is located at the University of Massachusetts medical school. In addition, Dr Kent was […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – April 29, 2017

Resident memory T cells within pancreatic islets after T1D onset by Adam Burrack, PhD A fundamental problem with islet replacement therapy as a cure for type 1 diabetes is the presence of immune cells that will specifically target and destroy insulin-producing beta cells. These cells are descendants of the T cells that destroyed beta cells […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – April 22, 2017

Update on closed-loop insulin pump algorithms by Josh Boyer, MS In this piece I will go over what in my opinion is one of the greatest recent developments in diabetes therapy, closed-loop systems.  With the release of the Minimed 670G system, I would guess that many people are aware of these devices and curious to […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – April 15, 2017

Benaroya Institute, Diabetes Management Technology, Carla Greenbaum By Josh Boyer, MSc One issue that scientists have long struggled with is communication between disciplines. I am an immunologist at UCSD studying lymphocyte trafficking and my main passion is the autoimmune pathogenesis behind type 1 diabetes.  While I have long studied diabetes, I don’t often read articles […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – April 1, 2017

T follicular helper cells facilitate autoantibody production and subsequent beta cell destruction by Adam Burrack, PhD In today’s post, I’m going to add to our series describing the process of beta cell destruction leading to type 1 diabetes (T1D) by describing the germinal center reaction. This process, which occurs primarily in lymph nodes but can occur […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – March 25, 2017

If at first you don’t succeed, try another training plan      by Adam Burrack, PhD At YOUglycemia, we advocate an (aerobically) active lifestyle as a key component of diabetes management. We personally span the range from racing the mile (Adam) to the Ironman (Gillian). Aerobic exercise – by which most people would mean moderate intensity, longer […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – March 18, 2017

Diet influences gut bacteria, gut bacteria influence immune response to diet by Adam Burrack, PhD In today’s post I will describe a developing body of literature from which evidence is mounting that what we eat influences how our immune system responds to not only what we eat, but also to the bacteria living in our […]