Saturday Morning Research Review – March 10, 2018

Presence and activation status of insulin-specific T cells is related to insulin autoantibodies by Adam Burrack, PhD In today͛s edition, I will describe a project that I was involved with, in a minor role. It has been an on-going debate in the field whether immune responses against the insulin molecule itself are the driving force […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – February 3, 2018

Gran Fondos and delayed hypoglycemia by Adam Burrack, PhD I had the opportunity last summer to race in two duathlons and two longer-distance cycling events. In this post I͛ll share how my diabetes management worked – or didn͛t work as the case may be – for these events. I raced the regional ͚ championship͛ race […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – December 30, 2017

Advancing our understanding of transplant recognition by the immune system ​by Adam Burrack, PhD Today I have the privilege of describing research I performed. A fundamental problem facing scientists seeking to cure type 1 diabetes (T1D) through beta cell replacement is the immune response to “foreign” tissues following transplantation. Ironically, the genes with the highest […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – November 25, 2017

Position Statement on Standardizing Clinically Meaningful Outcome Measures Beyond HbA1c for Type 1 Diabetes by Daniel Schneider, MSc When I head to the endocrinologist to check in with my doctor, I’m usually curious and waiting for the results of that benchmark test by which we are all sometimes guilty of celebrating or harshly judging ourselves. […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – October 28, 2017

Another target of autoreactive T cells: defective protein production by Adam Burrack, PhD One reason insulin may become a target of autoreactive T cells is because it is associated with inflammation in the pancreas. As I’ve previously described, inflammation is one signal T cells that from their environment which indicates that it’s time to respond […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – September 30, 2017

Peptide immunotherapy to stop new-onset type 1 diabetes by Adam Burrack, PhD The recent observation that so-called hybrid peptides may represent new targets of the immune system which are targeted in the build-up to developing type 1 diabetes has opened new vistas of possibilities for trying to re-establish immune tolerance to pancreatic beta cells. This […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – September 2, 2017

Further evidence of a role for the gut microbiome in autoimmunity by Adam Burrack, PhD I’ve written a couple articles about the interplay between the bacteria living in our gut and our immune system, and how this interaction can influence the subsequent development of autoimmunity. The first time I touched upon this subject, it was […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – August 12, 2017

Glucagon dynamics during exercise with type 1 diabetes                by Adam Burrack, PhD Previously in our series, we have described the exercise science of maximal performance in terms of oxygen consumption (basically 2-mile race pace) and how imperfect, artificial, control of insulin levels during exercise may negatively affect exercise performance. Too much insulin in the circulation […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – July 1, 2017

Top options for beta cell replacement by Josh Boyer, MS The one thing that any cure for type 1 diabetes needs to accomplish is to replace the beta cells that have been destroyed by the autoimmune destruction of islets.  Beta cell replacement strategies are an important issue that applies to both the development of technology […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – June 24, 2017

Dietary strategies for management of Type 1 Diabetes – The Paleo Diet by Rachel Fenske, BS I am excited to bring you my second post in a special series for YOUglycemia regarding the complex interactions of type 1 diabetes pathophysiology, diet, and exercise. Today, I will be reviewing what’s been termed the “Paleo” diet, or […]