About Us

YOUglycemia exists to improve blood sugar level control and provide overall diabetes management of individuals with diabetes through aerobic exercise. We are credentialed professionals in Diabetes Education, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology, or Immunology. We manage our own diabetes through aerobic exercise and feel that exercise has the potential improve diabetes management, enhance peace of mind, and improve quality of life. We offer services that allow those with diabetes to exercise confidently, ensuring that diabetes is not a barrier to performance and enjoyment.

A formal outline of our biography and mission are here.


Who we are:

Adam Burrack, Chief Executive Officer, immunology researcher, and the guy who has finished, analyzed his splits, and is grabbing his second pint as you finish your half-marathon. Diagnosed at age 2. Check out his full bio here.

Gillian Forsyth, Chief Financial Officer, real-life financial consultant and USAT Level 1 coach, who has likely run AND biked more in the last year than most will in their life. Diagnosed at age 30. Check out her full bio here.

Mara Schwartz, Chief Medical Officer, Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator, an athlete with a mind to research, patient counseling, and all things beer. Diagnosed at age 18. Check out her full bio here.

Daniel Schneider, Chairman of the Board, nutrition and cycling guru who longs for cyclocross, gravel roads, and sights unseen. Diagnosed at age 12. Check out his full bio here.

Advisory committee:

Dr. Kristen Nadeau, MS, MD – University of Colorado Children’s Hospital

Dr. David Maahs, MA, MD, PhD – Barbara Davis Center, Anschutz Medical Campus

Neil Smith, PA, MBA – Healthcare entrepreneur