Mara Schwartz: 28 years with diabetes
Mara was diagnosed just before her high school graduation, playing the classic teenager role of ignoring symptoms and refusing to go to the doctor despite her mother’s insistence. Mara was out having ice cream sundaes with friends when her mother got the test results back from the doctor. That was followed by a trip back to the doctor and a significant readjustment to life.
Having used a continuous glucose monitor for many years, and a pump for nearly 15 years, Mara finds technology makes life more manageable. She uses exercise to help control her diabetes, helping her use less insulin and support stable blood sugars. Mara works at one of the premier diabetes research centers in the world, the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, as a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator. When not at work, she likes to be outdoors, exploring new breweries and beers, and working with her dogs, including one who is being trained as a diabetes alert dog.

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