Saturday Morning Research Review – November 5, 2016

Newly discovered connection between IL-6 and T1D onset by Adam Burrack, PhD Interleukins – the general term is cytokines – are like the hormones of the immune system: they can be produced by either cells of the immune system or infected tissue cells, and can influence the activation of immune cells and their movement throughout […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – October 29, 2016

Beta cell biology of GABA in inflammation and exercise by Adam Burrack, PhD Several blogs in our series have focused on the role of insulin-derived peptides as targets of autoreactive T cells in the destruction of beta cells leading to development of type 1 diabetes. In particular my descriptions of the research of George Eisenbarth […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – October 22, 2016

Recent studies of glucose control and autoimmunity in pets by Adam Burrack, PhD Last fall I profiled diabetic guide dogs, which have been gaining favor among people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who live alone and/or are concerned about severe hypoglycemic episodes. Today I will describe several more recent reports detailing the development of diabetes […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – October 15, 2016

Potential “phenotypic signature” of T cells in pediatric-onset type 1 diabetes by Adam Burrack, PhD Predictive markers of T cell responses against beta cells are a highly sought clinical diagnostic. Analysis of a validated, limited, set of cell surface proteins on T cells collected from peripheral blood would facilitate “risk assessment” in people at-risk of […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – October 8, 2016

Beta cells work harder in response to high-fat diet before they increase mass or divide by Adam Burrack, PhD It has been a long-standing question in the beta cell biology field how beta cells respond to metabolic stress – or high demand for insulin production. The answer to this question is directly relevant to the […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – October 1, 2016

Report on Human Islet Research Network, May 2016 meeting                   by Adam Burrack, PhD I recently had the chance to attend the annual meeting of the human islet research network in Bethesda, Maryland. This is a group of researchers funded through the National Institutes of Health, specifically the NIDDK and the Special Diabetes Program. The human islet […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – September 24, 2016

Evidence for a direct relationship between impaired coxsackie B virus clearance and subsequent type 1 diabetes by Adam Burrack, PhD We return again today to the relationship between viral infection and subsequent autoimmunity. This will be a bit of a deep dive into theory and history of immunology, so grab your pipettes, turn on your […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – September 17, 2016

An important role for macrophage and T cell production of reactive oxygen species production in beta cell death by Adam Burrack, PhD Macrophages play a key role in diabetes onset in the mouse model of type 1 diabetes, the NOD mouse. Whether macrophages or T cells are the “final effector” of beta cell death is […]

Glacier National Park: A Road Trip, Diabetes Management Story

National Park road trip and hiking diabetes management with continuous glucose monitor by Adam Burrack, PhD I really, really enjoy hiking in the mountains – see previous post about Mount Kilimanjaro. Mountain hiking was probably my favorite recreational activity living in Colorado for 5 years for graduate school. This past Labor Day weekend, my wife […]

Saturday Morning Research Review – September 23, 2016

  Cathepsin-B as a Promoter of Brain Function by Daniel Schneider At this point in time, there is no lack of physiology research that shows the benefits of exercise. But that will not stop us from continuing to point out new and exciting research for our readers. Today we discuss a potential mediator of brain […]